Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tit-for-Tat in Sim Count War

Region count in virtual worlds is starting to be used more as measure of success by various bloggers.

Clearly this displeases some. The Politburo has perhaps read some pro Opensim Reports and promptly gone back to their State Run Media to suppress these blights against the State.

Linden mouth piece, New World Notes, has responded to various articles about declining Second Life regions, by sending back a volley about declining Opensim regions.

In an indicative tossing-his-toys-from-his-cot, New World Notes blogger James Wagner Au has scrawled his crayons over the wallpaper:

Maria's graph showing Region Counts

New World Notes crayon defaced equivalent, 
retorting maria's BLASPHEMY!

An Opensim blogger's car the day after 
posting on the huge success of Opensim growth.
The blogger cannot be found. 

This leads this blog to warn Opensim blogger's to reign in their heresy, lest the Regime gets upset.

Noted Opensim loudmouths, who will probably end up with a car like the above and a pair of concrete boots are:  Anti-State Activist Ener Hax, distributor of dissent Maria Korolov, maker of dangerous goods banned from aeroplanes Linda Kellie, Hypergrid Arms Dealer  Gaga Gracious, developer of nuclear technology under the guise its for "Electricity Generation" John Pathfinder Lester